Sunday, November 30, 2008

November update

  • Marty and Blaze are being fostered permanently. The pair has been in three different foster homes and we're happy that they have finally settled down.
  • Another Black Jack has found a home and we hope she benefits from a loving environment.
  • Buffy and Jody were adopted and join a group of three other ferrets. This energetic duo deserved to go to a good home after spending almost a year at the shelter.

  • Rob Roblin was found abandoned in an empty apartment. We're surprised that his abandonment has left no damaging effects to his playfulness and overall appearance. We're excited to see him develop into an even more beautiful ferret!
  • Since her arrival, Punkin Pie has already gained six ounces and is on her way to recovery. Despite being severely neglected, Punkin Pie has been a sweetheart.
  • The aptly named Girl Next Door was surrendered by one of the neighbors of the director. Up until her arrival at The Ferret Inn, she has never been out of her cage. When we let her out for the first time, she didn't know what to do with herself! She's about 8 months old, has beautiful soft fur and unique markings over her body.