Friday, April 15, 2011

Support the Shelter and Have a Chance to Win!

Whooooooo's looking for some fun bedding?!?

Want a chance to win some awesome new bedding for your own fur kids (or grandkids), while helping us take care of the 'kids' at The Inn?

This brightly colored unisex owl print is just what your cage needs to bring the outside in. This set includes a barrel and den made by, and a snuggly oversized hammie and padded sleep sack made and donated by Lisa O.

From now until June 30th, you have a chance to win this great bedding set! Donate $5 to The Ferret Inn for 10 chances, $10 for 20 chances or $20 for 40 chances to win. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the shelter.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

York Spring Nationals!

The “Ferret Inn’ had a vendor table at the York Spring
Nationals and launched a new line of ferret embellished tees
called “Weasel Warhol” which were well received.
We are constantly looking for ways to support the
shelter, so please consider a “Weasel Warhol Tee for
a great Easter gift for the ferret loving gal in your life!

Tom and I were joined at the show by Melissa and her special
needs ferret Dookie (who has been making a hit on you tube
lately ),
Emily,(Mel's friend and fellow vet student ),and Jasmin and
husband John who came to experience their first show . We
were grateful for the good company and the help!!
On a side note, CONGRATULATIONS to Drs. Melissa and
Emily who are graduating vet school in May..!!

Dookie was a hit as usual , his playpen surrounded with adoring
children and adults as well, kept us busy when we weren't
selling , browsing other vendors, or just kicking back sharing
stories and good conversation.
He also won an impressive " 2nd" in the physically challenged
class. Our friend and judge, Penny Hendrix was tearing as she
presented Dookie with his ribbon and story of spinal lymphoma,
which of course caused a chain reaction of tears and sniffles with
Melissa and us Dookie fans. On lookers alike were touched . :)

photos by BonnieRussell

Lisa O. brought some of her fabulous bedding which we sold all
but one piece of and a great “Owl themed “raffle ensemble. Due
to the lack of foot traffic we will be raffling it on Face book or the
blog or both along with some other cool stuff including “Weasel
Warhol “tees!. Stay tuned!!!
Andrea knitted two adorable ferret collars which got lost in the
bedding and such on the table, so didn’t have a chance to be
snatched up! (Note to self ... Make display for small items.)
In addition to Lisa’s bedding, we did sell a few magnets, odds
and ends, and “Weasel Warhol” tees.
All in all, we paid for our table and netted $200. Not one of our
better fund raisers as the foot traffic in the shows seems to be
dwindling , but it was a day well spent !
Many many hours were logged in by friends /volunteers Karen,
Kasey and Jay, Carly , Julie and Herman, Erica, Lisa, Jennifer,
Andrea and kids, Farida, Michelle, Laurel, Melissa J, Jacob,
Stacy and Brittany who lovingly took care of the shelter and the
ferrets , were glued to the Mac and Photo shop in helping bring
Weasel Warhol to the public , or in the sweatshop cutting decals

or ironing ..
Mostly , thanks to Tom for being the self sustained man he is,
and for never haven given me that dreaded ultimatum :)

Nancy Wilson
The Ferret Inn

Spring is here!

Spring is here and that means longer sunny days, flowers, singing birds and if yours haven't already started, shedding ferrets!

Unlike cats, ferrets can't 'cough up' any fur they ingest while grooming themselves during shedding time. If preventative measures aren't taken you can find yourself at the vet for expensive treatments that might even include surgery for intestinal blockages.

What can you do to help?
Regular brushing of your ferret can help eliminate loose fur and can be a great bonding activity. Also giving your ferret regular doses of a hairball remedy will help keep the pipes clear. Not sure what hairball remedy to use? Check with your ferret friendly Vet to recommendations!