Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New arrival: Pumpkin Pie

Poor Pumpkin Pie was found in a cage outside on the freezing weather. She was put outside because the mom didn't want the smell in the house and the daughter lost interest. She was surrendered by an acquaintance of the previous owner. The guy who rescued her took her to a vet, but after the vet could not get a blood sample, the vet released her saying she'd have to stay overnight. She was then taken to The Ferret Inn and was unresponsive, severely dehydrated, barely breathing, and with a body temperature so low that the thermometer would not register. She was rushed to a ferret-knowledgeable vet and stayed overnight. Twenty-four hours later, she is conscious and able to move herself. Seeing how this is one of the worst neglect cases the director has seen, we cannot believe that she is alive today.

She also shows many burns on her foot pads and nose (possibly due to the severe cold), her legs are injured and still has trouble walking. She's very underweight and shy. However, she is eating dry kibble, prescription canned food and drinking water. We expect her to be in critical care for the next few weeks. This little chocolate has a cute mouse face and is probably around two years old. We can't wait for her to benefit from the nurturing environment that she's always deserved.


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you in getting this girl the help she needed.
Thank you for what you do.

ferretfuz said...

Punkin Pie (now named Pinkin) is an awesome little girl and we love having her as part of our family!!


Anonymous said...

I have 2 ferrets an albino and sable, one i got from a shelter. I can't believe how people could do this to ferrets. They are so adorable, what cruel inhumane people! >:C -sad face-

Anonymous said...

I personally think the mother who allowed her kid to put this ferret outside should be arrested for animal cruelty. It is absolutely despicable and disgusting she knowingly put a ferret outside to freeze to death.