Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spotlight on volunteers: Amanda

Amanda Mitchel has been with The Ferret Inn since the beginning of October 2008. She moved from Arizona and graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont. She's had four ferrets and currently works as a theater intern in DC.

How did you get interested in ferrets?

Well, when I was about 8, my mother and I decided it was time to get a pet that wasn't a rodent. Since my dad is allergic to cats and dogs, we decided a rabbit would be perfect. We researched for weeks, were all set up, went to the pet store--and fell in love with their only ferret. It's been true love ever since!

How did you find out about us and what made you want to volunteer?

Ever since I had to get rid of my ferrets when I went college, I've just missed being around them terribly. Once I realized I had some free weekends here, I started researching ferret shelters where I could donate some time. The Ferret Inn seemed particularly in need of help--and also particularly close, haha.

What's your favorite part about volunteering at The Ferret Inn?

Being around all the crazy personalities! Furry and otherwise.

And the least favorite part?

Well...honestly, who likes cleaning up poopy newspapers?

Do you have any favorite ferrets?

Haha, yeah. I just can't resist little Luna, Kitty, Clyde, Thelma and Louise, and Calypso. And then of course there's Aries and Socrates...and Tiff (one of the BlackJack 21).

What were your ferrets like?

Oh, I could go on for ages about my ferrets! But I'll try to sum them up. Ricki was my first ferret; she wasn't much of a cuddler, but kept us laughing. Bandit came along a bit later; she and Ricki were thick as thieves, but Bandit died shortly after we got her. Crysta was a little princess, who wanted nothing to do with any other ferrets, but loved people. She liked to hoard toys, too, and make little nests of her 'babies'. Cliff was the only ferret who could deal with Crysta, mainly becuase he was too doofy to realize she was trying to beat him up. He was incredibly sweet, and just always wanted to be around everybody (except in the living room...he was scared of it!).

What's it like not living with them anymore?

Not living with them now is a terribly hard adjustment. I miss the endless supply of love and smiles; I miss always having a playmate; I even miss having my feet bitten when I'm asleep! I don't know what else to say--it's like not having a pet. Fewer responsibilities, fewer bills, sure--but fewer rewards as well.

The Ferret Inn values its volunteers tremendously and is always in need of more. If you are interested in volunteering at The Ferret Inn, please email Fili at