Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EXTENDED!! Support the Shelter and have a chance to win!

We have extended this till the end of July! 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit the shelter and the 'kids'.
Thank you!

Whooooooo's looking for some fun bedding?!?

Want a chance to win some awesome new bedding for your own fur kids (or grandkids), while helping us take care of the 'kids' at The Inn?

This brightly colored unisex owl print is just what your cage needs to bring the outside in. This set includes a barrel and den made by, and a snuggly oversized hammie and padded sleep sack made and donated by Lisa O.

From now until July 31st, you have a chance to win this great bedding set! Donate $5 to The Ferret Inn for 10 chances, $10 for 20 chances or $20 for 40 chances to win. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the shelter.

Please use the new Google Checkout!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garage Gang Update!

Hello Friends of the Inn,

The good news is that Buddy has had his surgery last week , and is recovering nicely.
We wanted to wait for the biopsy report before we posted an update. Unfortunately, he does have lymphosarcoma.
We have decided to follow a treatment plan that has proven beneficial in two of our other ferrets at the "Inn" who had the same diagnosis.
This will be a long term protocol needing a CBC every two of weeks, and if his blood work looks good, he will receive the chemo drug Cytoxin. In addition he will need radiographs, b12 injections for support , etc.
We are hopeful that he will tolerate the treatments well.
The other 3 members of the Garage Gang are thriving and enjoying their new found freedom and enrichment provided by the rice boxes, ball boxes , miles of tubes and tunnels, and most of all, the peanuts!!!
We are grateful for those who have come forward to help with the Garage Gang's initial work-up.
However, we still need help with Buddy's surgery cost and treatment. His surgery was 330.00 including the biopsy and his monthly medical expenses will average to 150.00 on the conservative side. We are hoping to raise an addition $800.00, to cover surgery and 3 months of treatment for starters.
We have a great Owl themed four piece bedding set on our blog and face book.
What a great way to help out Buddy and have a chance at a cool bedding set!!