Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Thursday update on the garage gang

The good news is that the ADV results are negative, and just as important.. They all love their soup!! We serve it up in the morn and eve in addition to their kibble, and it shows. They are all getting a bit rounder, and gaining nicely, however Buddy is trailing behind a bit.

Sadly, the cytology report confirmed the lump on Buddy's neck is Lymphoma. Ideally, since it seems that only one lymph node is affected, we would remove it. However, due to his heart murmur, we are treating with pred for two weeks, and will revisit our options at that time.


Sophia and Chubbs

Chubbs in the rice

more Chubbs

Buddy playing in the rice

Buddy in the Balls

Monday, May 23, 2011

4 Ferrets in Need

I want to thank those who have stepped up to support these kids with your donations, it wouldn't be possible with out you.
Thanks so much

These are the before pictures


Has a fascination with the cornstarch peanuts and chooses not only to play in them , but can be found snoozing in them as well.

The growth on his neck was aspirated and we are waiting for the cytology report.
Dr. Gold has hopes that it is just a blocked salivary gland. Lets hope!
His blood work also looked good , and glucose is 87, he got a deslorelin implant and will get a melatonin implant as well.
If the results of the cytology point to surgery, we will remove the chordoma as well next week.
Buddy does have a heart murmur , so will see how to


Has settled in nicely as you can see, and has won us over with his laid back attitude.
None of these kids were held , much less cuddled, but Chubbs loves his new surroundings and lap time.

His blood work was normal as was his
Blood Glucose @ 109 !!
His obvious adreanal was treated with a deslorelin implant.
He will be getting a melatonin implant as well.


Is just that, a precious tiny jewel.
She is smart and ever so curious. I have high hopes for this gal.
Jewel has suffered with adrenal for quite some time . Once the deslo and melatonin implant kick in ,I have hopes that she will feel like a brand new ferret, and will be able to fully enjoy the years she has left..

Her blood work also looked amazingly good and her glucose was 85.


I named this beauty Sophia after Sophia Loren because of her stunning black eyes.

Unfortunately , as I suspected and Dr Gold confirmed , she is blind, and can only discern darkness and light.

Her blood work was unremarkable as well and her glucose is 78.
She also got the deslorelin implant, and is in line for a melatonin implant.