Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Special delivery: 21 ferrets!

We want to introduce you to a new “special collection” of ferrets available for immediate adoption! These 21 ferrets (19 jills and 2 hobbs) have come to us via a research facility. They are some of the most beautiful fitches and points, with little dark noses, luscious coats and lovely dispositions. Prior to their arrival they led a very sterile and unstimulated life. We are always amazed to see how eager they are for affection and are very engaging with our staff. The arrival of these special kids is an event here at the "Inn". Watching these ferrets running through tubes, pouncing on crinkle sacks, and popping in peanuts for the first time, is a real tear jerker! We are grateful that the folks at the research facility have chosen us to mainstream these ferrets into homes and allow them the life they so deserve.

The research done on these little ones has left no ill-effects. In fact, they have all been properly vetted with all shots and are ADV negative! A year of so ago we received a smaller group of ferrets from a research facility and we were able to place each of them into their forever homes in a very short time.

We will be hosting an “Open House” to the public to meet our special houseguests and all of the other beautiful charges that are currently residing at the "Inn".

This is what happened when they were let loose for the first time:

See the rest of the pictures here.

If you are interested in adopting one of these ferrets, please fill out an adoption application.

UPDATE: The Ferret Inn has received 5 more Black Jacks on February 3, 2009.


VanRo said...

They are adorable! Look how happy they all are :) I'm so glad they were turned over to you guys! I know they'll find great homes in now time flat.

:) Vanessa Rossi
Suki, Henry & Bella's Mom

Sslaxx said...

I'm not sure how common it is in the US, but over here research animals tend to be put to sleep rather than given over for adoption, which is sad.