Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to donate money to The Ferret Inn (without actually giving money)

One of our volunteers, Crystal, pointed us out to; a website that donates money to a cause (such as The Ferret Inn) when you shop at stores that you regularly shop from online.

Here's how to do it:

1 . Go to, find "The Ferret Inn" and then register with your name. The Ferret Inn now has its own url:

2. After you register, you must shop by clicking the links on this page (by directories) or this page (alphabetically). (Example: If you want to buy something from, then go one of the previously mentioned links, and click on "".)

After clicking the link for your preferred site to shop, you should see a pop-up window congratulating your philanthropy.

Additionally, if you ever use Google or Yahoo! to search, use iGive's search engine instead, and The Ferret Inn gets $0.02 every time you search for something.

So far, The Ferret Inn has received $61.56 from people who raised it simply by shopping from places they normally would. So please, put your consumerism to good use and shop using iGive.

If any one has any questions, iGive has a frequently asked questions page that could help you. Or, you can ask me a question on the comments and I'd be glad to (attempt to) help.


Jessica said...

I think there is also an iGive toolbar that you can install that gets the donation every time you shop at an eligible store. It only works with certain browsers though.

Fili said...

Yeah. Thanks for reminding me. The link is here if anyone is interested.