Saturday, January 31, 2009

January update

  • Tico was adopted by two new ferret owners. We thought Tico's disposition would be great for first-time owners.
  • Three Black Jacks were adopted. The first two were adopted by first-time owners. The other one was the last boy; he joins Auggy, who was adopted last month.
  • Aries and Socrates join a group of ferrets. This pair made a wonderful addition to the pack of ferrets.
  • Smokey and Ashley were adopted after spending a few months at the shelter. They are very sweet and we're happy they found a home.
  • Rob Roblin goes to a home joining the owners' single ferret.

  • Lyla, one of the Black Jacks, had to be put to sleep because of her lymphoma and enlarged spleen. She will be missed by her life-long cagemates.
  • Herb also had to be put to sleep. He had a history of liver problems and insulinoma. He leaves his cagemate Peaches.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Be A Sponsor!

The littlest girl at The Inn!Luna is a delightful 7 year old ferret from Holland! She weighs in slightly under a pound and is in perfect health! Despite her age, she has never required meds or had a surgery. Although Luna is a permanent member at The Inn, you can help us by sponsoring this precious little girl....

There are many medically fragile and senior ferrets who are permanent residents at The Ferret Inn. The little fuzzies require constant vigilance, and fast action on behalf of our Director, Nancy Wilson. Many have chronic insulinoma and adrenal problems even after several surgeries. Consider making a monthly donation of only $5.00 to The Inn. Help pay for food, litter, and annual veterinary costs and you will be a sponsor to Luna or any other needy kids at The Inn! To donate, click on the button below: