Thursday, November 27, 2008

Before and after: Flea

Flea doesn't even look like the ferret she was just one month ago. When she arrived at The Ferret Inn, Flea was severely underweight and anemic because she had so many fleas on her. Her cage mate was not as fortunate and died a few hours after being rescued by our volunteers.

Both Flea and Rob Roblin come from the same local animal shelter. They have taken a liking to each other and are now cage mates. Flea is becoming more and more playful and never misses and opportunity to dook as loud as she can. Flea is looking better everyday and can't wait for a permament home.


ferretfuz said...

Flea (now named Loki) is a tremendous ferret! She is super active and playful and we love having her as part of our family!


Anonymous said...

good afternoon I am pretty impress of your fantastic work, may god always procure for you well I have one little problem my 2 yr old ferret has been losing a lot of weight and I would like to know if there anything special that you recomend me to put my little ferret back in shape, types of food or maybe treats anything works for me, I would really appreciate it...