Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September update

  • Clyde was adopted by a knowledgeable ferret-owner. We're confident that Clyde couldn't be happier.
  • Maxy was adopted by a volunteer. He joins her three ferrets and hopefully is adjusting just fine.
  • Syd and Banshee are being fostered by a vet student who fosters and adopts. She is working on Banshee's biting and on socializing the pair.
  • Stan and Stella were adopted by a ferret-owner who had only one ferret with a three-story Ferret Nation cage. We're sure Stan and Stella will fill in the empty corners of the cage.
  • Soldier Boy was adopted by a boarder whose ferret bonded with Soldier. All the ferrets will miss biting Soldier's neck fur out, but I'm sure Soldier would feel much happier with a furry neck.
  • Cheddar was adopted by another volunteer. He joins her group of five, elevating her to "ferret lady" status.
  • Gracie, one of The Ferret Inn's tiniest residents, passed away on the 12th.
  • Isabelle leaves her long-time cagemate, Tico.

  • Though Rag Doll has only been with us for less than a month, she's already looking much better.

  • Goku, Calypso, and Sasuke are three beautiful ferrets who are all under a year and huge. Sasuke is over three pounds!
  • Aries and Socrates are a very cuddly pair. Despite their previous meatless diet, they are stocky and have beautiful coats.
  • Bonnie, Clyde, and Isis arrived today. The first two are around a year, and Isis is probably a little over one.
Misc. updates:

Monday, September 29, 2008

RIP Isabelle

Isabelle, one of The Ferret Inn's newest residents, passed away on Saturday; leaving behind Tico, her cage mate of three years. Isabelle and Tico were a bonded pair; both of which were blind due to a poor diet lacking in taurine. Tico is recovering from a bi-lateral adreanal and insulinoma surgery, as well as having a tumor removed from his chest. Isabelle was sadly in renal failure and passed over the "Bridge " with Tico spooning her. She will be sorely missed...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to donate money to The Ferret Inn (without actually giving money)

One of our volunteers, Crystal, pointed us out to iGive.com; a website that donates money to a cause (such as The Ferret Inn) when you shop at stores that you regularly shop from online.

Here's how to do it:

1 . Go to iGive.com, find "The Ferret Inn" and then register with your name. The Ferret Inn now has its own url: www.igive.com/theferretinn.

2. After you register, you must shop by clicking the links on this page (by directories) or this page (alphabetically). (Example: If you want to buy something from Ferret.com, then go one of the previously mentioned links, and click on "Ferret.com".)

After clicking the link for your preferred site to shop, you should see a pop-up window congratulating your philanthropy.

Additionally, if you ever use Google or Yahoo! to search, use iGive's search engine instead, and The Ferret Inn gets $0.02 every time you search for something.

So far, The Ferret Inn has received $61.56 from people who raised it simply by shopping from places they normally would. So please, put your consumerism to good use and shop using iGive.

If any one has any questions, iGive has a frequently asked questions page that could help you. Or, you can ask me a question on the comments and I'd be glad to (attempt to) help.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Before and after: Miss Mary

Who would have guessed that Miss Mary (or as most of us all call her "Mawwy") would turn into such a beauty! She has been undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma for the past few months, but she has been thriving. She can often be seen giving kisses to everyone that picks her up; not forgetting to clean that spot in your ear that you "forgot" to clean. When she's not smooching, or looking around with her not-quite-there demeanor, she is sleeping in an acrobatic position in her hammy or her plastic bags.

Click here for more pictures of Mary.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rest in peace Gracie

It is with deep sadness that I say goodbye to Gracie. She spent the last hours of her life and let out her last breath while curled up in Nancy's shirt. Gracie was a tiny ferret battling kidney failure. Prior to receiving proper care at The Inn, she spend over a year caged in a vet's office; we are surprised that she had such a calm nature, taking into account where she came from. So I am thankful to Nancy for giving Gracie the medical attention she needed, the home she wanted, and the love she deserved.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maxy Adopted!

One of our volunteers, Darlene, came and picked up dear Max on Tuesday evening. We know he will have a wonderful home with his new friends Coco, TJ, and Tony!
The other ferrets at The Inn will miss Max as he was a definite gentleman!
Good Luck Max!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ferret Fandango of 2008

Yesterday, The Ferret Inn attended the Ferret Fandango on Gilbertsville PA. We showed Jezebel, our big dark-eyed white.

She took first place in the Albino/Dark-Eyed White category and we couldn't be prouder of her.

We also sold many of Lisa O's bedding; the proceeds from every hammie and sleepy sacks sold are donated 100% to The Ferret Inn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New arrival: Rag Doll

Nancy got a call at 7am from a guy who found a stray ferret. He works over at Prince George's county in a facility with a very long acronym. Dean, who called us about the ferret, told us he fed the ferret some bananas, and some tomatoes that his buddy was growing in the back. The ferret was so thirsty that it was drinking dirty rain water. They left the ferret in a large bucket as one of the co-workers drove over to the supermarket to buy some cat food and treats.

Nancy and I were really impressed that Dean didn't shoo away the scrawny ferret. He recognized the animal as a ferret because a few friends owned a ferret. And Dean, who's a hunter, knew the ferret wasn't rabid because he said rabid animals don't/can't drink water.

They were calling the ferret "Shop Rat" but we went with "Rag Doll" because the bucket that she was in was filled with rags.

Nancy thinks she's probably around two-years-old and judging by the hair loss, Rag Doll probably has Adrenal Disease.

Overall, she's in good shape for a ferret that spent a very long time in the heat with no proper food or water.

She loved bath-time. You can't blame her, though. She was terribly greasy.

The camera can't capture how murky and black the water actually got.

I tried to get a kiss, but it didn't really happen.

After some time, she finally ate some food to make her feel better.

See more pictures here.

The Ferret Inn constantly needs volunteers to pick up ferrets from people who find ferrets, or to drive the ferrets to the vet, etc. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please contact Bonnie (at bonnierussell@all2ez.net) or me (at fili.telles@gmail.com).

Monday, September 1, 2008

August update (in September)

  • Buster was adopted by a family who boarded their ferrets at the Inn. We were not surprised to learn this cuddly little guy only stayed a few weeks at the shelter.
  • June Bug and Crayola were adopted by a family with ferret experience. We have no doubt that their energy will serve them well in a new home.
  • Rascal was adopted by one of our volunteers. We saw him again as a boarder and, even though he's always looked good, we could tell that he was looking even better.
  • Opie was adopted by yours truly. He is currently stepping on my keyboard as I attempt to type this. Even though I bought him a $200 cage, he still prefers the box that it came in:

  • Unfortunately, Maggie died of an intestinal blockage due to a hair ball. She leaves her four cage mates who will always miss the littlest one on the group.

  • The new girl that came in last Thursday is now called Cotton.
  • Isabelle and Tico are two dark cinnamons who are having no trouble adjusting to their new environment. We're interested to see their personality develop.
  • Maxy was given up because his owner had to leave the country. He's a big beautiful boy who loves being picked up and held. He'll have no trouble finding a forever home.