Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September update

  • Clyde was adopted by a knowledgeable ferret-owner. We're confident that Clyde couldn't be happier.
  • Maxy was adopted by a volunteer. He joins her three ferrets and hopefully is adjusting just fine.
  • Syd and Banshee are being fostered by a vet student who fosters and adopts. She is working on Banshee's biting and on socializing the pair.
  • Stan and Stella were adopted by a ferret-owner who had only one ferret with a three-story Ferret Nation cage. We're sure Stan and Stella will fill in the empty corners of the cage.
  • Soldier Boy was adopted by a boarder whose ferret bonded with Soldier. All the ferrets will miss biting Soldier's neck fur out, but I'm sure Soldier would feel much happier with a furry neck.
  • Cheddar was adopted by another volunteer. He joins her group of five, elevating her to "ferret lady" status.
  • Gracie, one of The Ferret Inn's tiniest residents, passed away on the 12th.
  • Isabelle leaves her long-time cagemate, Tico.

  • Though Rag Doll has only been with us for less than a month, she's already looking much better.

  • Goku, Calypso, and Sasuke are three beautiful ferrets who are all under a year and huge. Sasuke is over three pounds!
  • Aries and Socrates are a very cuddly pair. Despite their previous meatless diet, they are stocky and have beautiful coats.
  • Bonnie, Clyde, and Isis arrived today. The first two are around a year, and Isis is probably a little over one.
Misc. updates:


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