Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New arrival: Rag Doll

Nancy got a call at 7am from a guy who found a stray ferret. He works over at Prince George's county in a facility with a very long acronym. Dean, who called us about the ferret, told us he fed the ferret some bananas, and some tomatoes that his buddy was growing in the back. The ferret was so thirsty that it was drinking dirty rain water. They left the ferret in a large bucket as one of the co-workers drove over to the supermarket to buy some cat food and treats.

Nancy and I were really impressed that Dean didn't shoo away the scrawny ferret. He recognized the animal as a ferret because a few friends owned a ferret. And Dean, who's a hunter, knew the ferret wasn't rabid because he said rabid animals don't/can't drink water.

They were calling the ferret "Shop Rat" but we went with "Rag Doll" because the bucket that she was in was filled with rags.

Nancy thinks she's probably around two-years-old and judging by the hair loss, Rag Doll probably has Adrenal Disease.

Overall, she's in good shape for a ferret that spent a very long time in the heat with no proper food or water.

She loved bath-time. You can't blame her, though. She was terribly greasy.

The camera can't capture how murky and black the water actually got.

I tried to get a kiss, but it didn't really happen.

After some time, she finally ate some food to make her feel better.

See more pictures here.

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