Friday, September 12, 2008

Rest in peace Gracie

It is with deep sadness that I say goodbye to Gracie. She spent the last hours of her life and let out her last breath while curled up in Nancy's shirt. Gracie was a tiny ferret battling kidney failure. Prior to receiving proper care at The Inn, she spend over a year caged in a vet's office; we are surprised that she had such a calm nature, taking into account where she came from. So I am thankful to Nancy for giving Gracie the medical attention she needed, the home she wanted, and the love she deserved.


Susie said...

How sad, Spent over a year caged in a "vets" office? How heartless. I can't even think about putting my ferrets in a cage, I hate cages and so does my little girl - Abby. She had a previous owner, the first night I got her was the last night she spent in that cage, it was obvious she was rarely let out. "Ferrets are not caged animal, you only cage them for their protection" or in my case "ferrets don't belong in cases - just ferret proof very well"

Sslaxx said...

I do hope not many people graced that "vets" with their animals. Disgraceful.