Monday, September 1, 2008

August update (in September)

  • Buster was adopted by a family who boarded their ferrets at the Inn. We were not surprised to learn this cuddly little guy only stayed a few weeks at the shelter.
  • June Bug and Crayola were adopted by a family with ferret experience. We have no doubt that their energy will serve them well in a new home.
  • Rascal was adopted by one of our volunteers. We saw him again as a boarder and, even though he's always looked good, we could tell that he was looking even better.
  • Opie was adopted by yours truly. He is currently stepping on my keyboard as I attempt to type this. Even though I bought him a $200 cage, he still prefers the box that it came in:

  • Unfortunately, Maggie died of an intestinal blockage due to a hair ball. She leaves her four cage mates who will always miss the littlest one on the group.

  • The new girl that came in last Thursday is now called Cotton.
  • Isabelle and Tico are two dark cinnamons who are having no trouble adjusting to their new environment. We're interested to see their personality develop.
  • Maxy was given up because his owner had to leave the country. He's a big beautiful boy who loves being picked up and held. He'll have no trouble finding a forever home.