Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December update

  • Three Black Jacks were adopted. One was by a volunteer. The ferret was the only one with a pink nose out of all the Black Jacks, so we named her Average White Girl (or Auggie). The other two were adopted by a person who's had ferrets before.
  • Rag Doll was adopted by a ferret-knowledgeable volunteer. She joins one other ferret and we're happy she ended up in a good home.

  • Isaac was surrendered by a person who found him as a stray. He's under a year old and already he's without a home.

  • Tim Tooten and Tom Tasselmyer, like Rob Roblin, are named after WBAL's news team members. Tim and Tom came to us from a shelter from DC. Tim is under a year and Tom is around two. We can't wait to see what their personalities are like.
  • Rummy, after our many attempts to treat his insulinoma, he was no longer responding to treatment. He leaves behind his bonded cagemate, Patches. We will always miss Rummy's round baby face.


Anonymous said...

Pepper (formerly GND) is doing so well! She's been the best thing to happen to our little crew since Suki and Isabella (Stan and Stella)
My kids adore her and she's got enough energy to keep Henry busy but still cuddle with the girls.