Saturday, January 31, 2009

January update

  • Tico was adopted by two new ferret owners. We thought Tico's disposition would be great for first-time owners.
  • Three Black Jacks were adopted. The first two were adopted by first-time owners. The other one was the last boy; he joins Auggy, who was adopted last month.
  • Aries and Socrates join a group of ferrets. This pair made a wonderful addition to the pack of ferrets.
  • Smokey and Ashley were adopted after spending a few months at the shelter. They are very sweet and we're happy they found a home.
  • Rob Roblin goes to a home joining the owners' single ferret.

  • Lyla, one of the Black Jacks, had to be put to sleep because of her lymphoma and enlarged spleen. She will be missed by her life-long cagemates.
  • Herb also had to be put to sleep. He had a history of liver problems and insulinoma. He leaves his cagemate Peaches.