Friday, October 31, 2008

October update

  • Dookie went to a home after a long time at the shelter. After his bilateral adrenal surgery, his two cagemates Fiona and Cheedle no longer recognized him and Dookie had to be separated from his group. We are delighted that this story has a happy ending after all.
  • One of the two male ferrets from the Black Jack 21 group was adopted by a loving ferret owner. Having never been in a home, the Black Jack boy will thrive in his new place.
  • Templeton and Wilbur, the two strays that were reunited at the shelter, have been adopted. They will be missed, but we are happy they finally found a home.
  • Cesar was adopted by me. He's since been renamed "Gummy Bear" and loves Opie, my other ferret.

  • Chloe underwent surgery on October 22 for adrenal disease and insulinoma. A hairball was found during the surgery and was removed. Unfortunately, she did not recover from surgery and passed away on October 24.
  • Flea #2 came from an animal shelter with a cage mate (Flea #3). They were both anemic because they were infested with fleas. Sadly, Flea #2 did not make it despite the efforts of our volunteers.
  • Flea #3 has been at The Inn for a little over two weeks, and after being severely underweight and anemic, her weight has already doubled and she looks better every day. While at the vet, she received a life-saving blood transfusion from the Black Jack boy (who was adopted later).
  • Since their arrival, The Black Jack 21 have become more playful and comfortable in their new environment. We are always excited to see the different personalities developing among the sea of weasels. We placed the group in a tree-story Ferret Nation cage. And even though the levels are all connected, the entire group prefers to sleep on top of each other.