Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome to The Ferret Inn (blog)

My name is Fili and I am a volunteer at The Ferret Inn. My goal for this blog is to:
  • inform people who want to know what we're about
  • connect volunteers with one another and different events
I want to provide my tens of tens of readers with relevant news articles, ferret-related issues, and to talk about what makes the shelter great: the volunteers (and the ferrets, of course!).

Currently, I'm planning on:
  • getting to know individual volunteers better, maybe through a short Q&A?
  • showcasing a ferret of the month
  • providing information on upcoming events
  • giving updates on the shelter
  • giving updates on the ferrets' health, adoptions, etc
If any one wants to contribute to this blog in any way, please let me know! You can give me ideas on what to post about, post an entry, and/or become a regular poster.

Jezebel says, "Welcome to The Ferret Inn blog," while adding, "the camera adds 10 ounces."