Monday, August 25, 2008

Adoption day at bark!

This Saturday, The Ferret Inn was part of an adoption day at our local pet food store, bark! We inform the public why they would want to adopt ferrets (or any other animals) as opposed to buying from a pet store. We bring about half a dozen ferrets to play around in a play pen and most people can't resist them. My favorite part about doing it is seeing how many people are surprised to learn just how friendly the ferrets are. I've only done adoption day twice (and both times on Clarksville's BARK!) and it's wonderful to see how many pet owners adopted from shelters. I would say that the number one question they ask is, "would ferrets get along with my pets?"

We show the people that most of our ferrets are given up because the previous owners say they can't afford them, or they have no time for them, or they just don't want them anymore. In other words, we show them there is nothing wrong with the actual ferrets, only their situation with their previous owners.

While showing pet owners how fun ferrets can be, we also tell them the things they wouldn't hear at a pet store: how ferrets require high-quality food, regular vet check-ups, constant ferret-proofing, and occasional assistance on finding the litter boxes.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please contact Bonnie (at or me (at