Monday, September 12, 2011

A Huge Thanks To Girl Scout Troop 2108 !!

Thank you Girl Scout Troop 2108!

Howard county 8th and 9th graders decided they would like to include an animal related project that would be the last step in acquiring their “Silver Award “. After doing a bit of research on ferrets, they chose “The Ferret Inn”.

The girls, 5 in total, spent several days volunteering in the shelter cleaning up after, and getting to know what “ferrets “ are all about.

In addition to educating church members and classmates with Ferret Education Days, the girls sold baked goods for a fundraiser, and purchased much needed supplies and a 30 lb. bag of Zupreem with the proceeds!!

They also made dozens of adorable Faux fur ferret bookmarkers for us to sell. Glue a mini magnet to the back and you have a one of a kind ferret fridge magnet!

The final piece of the project was a huge hit with the ferrets. Cardboard Castles made with tubes, tunnels and nesting boxes. We filled them with peanuts, and cuddly blankets and they serve as a playground with built in hidey-holes to stash their treasures in.

Thanks to the girls and the moms who accompanied them for a job well done.


Ferret Sigmund said...

Oh, this is a magnificent castle for ferrets. All my ferrets have tunnels for games, but a castle for the games we could not even imagine.

Liama Jhons said...

this is just too much amazing. simply loving it.
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