Friday, September 3, 2010

Giving Back..

Hello Friends,

In my 10 years+ of sheltering, I have learned that ferrets are good for more

than pooping and performing. They are what brings good hearted people

together for a common cause. It is because of the goodness and caring of

these dedicated volunteers, adopters, and supporters who call the "Inn"

their own, that we have created a family among friends, and a sanctuary for

our charges.

Each of our volunteers has carved their own niche, and has their own reason

to continue to come back week after week ,many, year after year. In over 10

years, collectively, we have nurtured, cleaned up after, and re-homed

roughly 1000 ferrets . It is because of friendships made, love affairs with

ferrets, and in support of our cause that they continue to return.

As shelter director my hope is that when the last hand feed is done, the

litter boxes are scrubbed, the hammies are fluffed, and the last playgroup

is looking for a cuddle sack to crash in; each of my volunteers can be proud

of the difference they have made.

With that being said, many of our summer volunteers headed back to the

classrooms, and the weasels begin to nestle in for Autumn weather. We are a

501c3 and you can earn community service hours with us. Do you know of some

responsible students looking to accumulate hours? Additionally, many of our

weekday volunteers were professionals who chose to keep busy volunteering

while job hunting. Now that unemployment has taken it's course, several of

these women and men have obtained jobs in different fields, and we will miss


Whether you are interested in helping with events, cleaning up the shelter,

grooming ferrets or helping with medical issues, there is always something

rewarding to do at The Inn.

Please consider joining our family of volunteers at The "Ferret Inn" today.

We will provide the necessary training, and all the ferret fun that comes

with this animal lover's opportunity. Both weekdays and weekends are


If interested, please contact Nancy Wilson directly via e-mail at

Or, visit our page on here.


Nancy Wilson, Director

The Ferret Inn