Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giving Thanks

Cookie, a resident of the Inn, participates in this year's Giving Tree. (Click here to sponsor Cookie)

Dear Friends and Family of The Ferret Inn,
As we approach this holiday season, I want to personally give thanks to all the beautiful fuzzy creatures who have come and gone from our lives this year, as well as to all the wonderful human lives whose paths have crossed with my own as volunteers or friends of The Ferret Inn.
This year has brought two special losses for me. First Sam, and then Blackie. Many of you were familiar with Blackie and Sam, and helped care for them while they spent days and nights at The Inn. I want to thank each of you, for caring for my kids as if they were your own, as you tended to their meds, and gruel, and gave them kisses and hugs.
Many of you have suffered similar losses, including long term residents of The Inn such as our precious Mary, and Hunny.

What would life be for any of us without our precious furkids?

This year has seen great economic challenges for all shelters and rescues. Each one of my now 7 (previously 9 ) furkids were once residents of The Ferret Inn. I am deeply grateful that they were delivered to The Inn, were they could be properly cared for, vetted, vaccinated, and nursed back to health, both physically and emotionally, and finally prepared for their forever home: MY HOME!. How lucky I am to receive such joy.

What would life be with no shelter?

Please remember, in this season of giving thanks, who cared for our furkids, and who was there to receive them when they were discarded by their previous owners, often malnutritioned, dehydrated, injured or neglected. The Ferret Inn has spent well over 12 thousand dollars in veterinary care alone this year, much less the cost of daily care...bedding, food, cleaning supplies, utility bills, transportation, etc.

I am asking each of you, whose lives have been touched by The Ferret Inn, to consider picking a ferret to sponsor from the annual Ferret Giving Tree 2009, and to donate food, or to vet bills, or to volunteer a few more hours as a sign of hope that The Ferret Inn can continue to thrive with all of your generosity and help for yet another year, to offer a special respite to tired, weak, old or sick ferrets until they find their forever home. Click on this link to The Giving Tree and choose tree 26 where 10 of our precious ferret residents can be sponsored, beginning with Violet and ending with Blaze.

Bonnie Russell
Secretary, The Ferret Inn

Slinky also joins the tree (click here to sponsor Slinky)