Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Loving Memory

There is Something about Mary....

Long term resident of The Ferret Inn, our beautiful Mary has passed after a long struggle with Lymphoma. Mary came to us in February of 2008 from a wildlife sanctuary where she appeared to be about five.
Ever since her arrival at "The Inn", we knew there was something special about our Mary.
With a sparse, coarse coat and an earthy smell we attempted an adrenal surgery. Early into surgery it was apparent that adrenal disease was the least of her worries and a histology was done. Sadly the diagnosis was Lymphoma, Mary began chemo shortly thereafter.

Over her year and a half with us, she underwent many different chemo treatments and had thrived despite her bouts of various infections as a side effect of the chemo. Throughout these many treatments (including acupuncture), Mary always kept her high-spirited personality and nurturing ways. She had the most wonderful gift of "cleaning up" anyone in her presence...from ear, to chin, to eyes, to nose..Mary would gently lick all the dirt away from human and animal.

Mary also held a special spot for other sick or elderly ferrets and soon became the resident nurse. She would lie down beside other ferrets and gently clean them and nurture them while they were ill. She even seemed to take special attention to ferrets who suffered from lymphoma like herself. Everyone who visited The Inn would immediately take to little Mary, as she always permitted being hugged and doted over by strangers, family and friends.

In the photo above, Mary cuddles with Blackie, another close ferret friend with lymphoma. In the photo below, Mary gives gentle re-assurance to a dying ferret endearingly known as "1722" , one of our little research gals who also had cancer.

Mary will be sorely missed by many but no one held her closer to his heart than did her sponsor of many months, her" Papa Scott". Not only did he help finance Mary' many months of medical care, but spent many hours visiting with Mary and her friends. Scott visited Mary and her friends at The Inn frequently and would sit and rock Mary to sleep.

He is shown below cradling Mary at our vet's office

Mary was a heroine among ferrets and will be missed by all.


ferretfuz said...

I'm so saddened to hear about Mary. Her story is very inspiring and I'll be giving my fuzzies an extra hug or six today!

Amanda M said...

I'm sad about Mary, too. But at least her last months weren't too painful. Love to all.