Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LOST FERRET - "TWIX" Needs your help

(Update on Search for Twix: On Wednesday eve, a group of us canvassed a very overwhelming neighborhood, with literally thousands of wonderful places for ferrets to hide and nest. We walked in the woods,which were very dense, talked to anyone we saw on the streets, and a group of kids, and stuck fliers in every single mailbox in surrounding neighborhoods. No sign of Twix yet but we haven't given up hope. I will give another update in a week's time, even if nothing new is known)

A ferret friend of The Ferret Inn named "Twix" has been reported lost from his home in Davidsonville, MD. He got out sometime Sunday night (May 31st) or Monday morning and the family is devastated. They live in a residential development but back up to some extensive wooded areas.
The family has searched the surrounding areas and has made many efforts to find poor Twix.
So far we have done the following
Anne Arundel Animal Control
Anne Arundel SPCA
Petfinder Lost and Found
Posted on ferretvillage.org
Handed out fliers to neighbors mailboxes.
Visited some neighbors

We have also recommended that the family contact and post at all local pet stores and vets.