Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sad Tidings.... Diesel

Diesel, the elder and mascot at the Ferret Inn, has crossed over the bridge. He came to us in Jan 2006 at 6 years old, sick and with only a few sprouts of white hair and that distinctive black nose. Diesel had two adrenal/insulinoma surgeries while here at the Inn, which left him with a stunning white coat and a new lease on life. In his younger days, he was our ambassador and would frequent outings and ferret education days with us. He had since retired and had found our carpeted bed room to be most comfortable, at which he had time and time again left his mark on as most seniors do.
Up till his passing he received regular acupuncture treatments to keep him comfortable and well balanced.
Diesel was a favorite with all who treated him, the visitors and the volunteers. Until we meet again my Diese…

Click here to see more pictures of Diesel.


Vanessa Rossi said...

Rest in peace my little bald ole man, you will be very very sorely missed. I'll never forget the little bit of time we had, and I know you're dooking your way around on the other side right now.
Love you!

Tiana said...

Oh, Deez. It's going to be hard coming back to treat without seeing you. I will miss you, and your little old man noises, and your elephant pants too! *T.

Tiffany said...

Oh my. I had not realized that diezel had gone. What a wonderful little guy he was.